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Types Of Must-Have Home Accessories

The elegance of your home will be portrayed by the interior décor of it. A house will not become a home if you don’t make it your own. You need to decorate it the way you like so that your identity reflects through your home. You can start off by thinking of the atmosphere and mood you’d like to set in the room. You are free to choose any colour palette, theme or pattern that you like. The furniture, paint and flooring can only do so much, but the real beauty of your home will be evident when you add some of these accessories.

  • Vases
    Vases have been the queen of every room since forever. This is the most frequently used accessory of all time, dating back to ancient Greece or China. Today, you can find vases in porcelain, crystal, glass etc. with various designs and patterns painted or carved in them. If you are a fan of flowers, vases are the perfect element for you. Make sure you always have your them filled your favourite flowers which would also compliment the room. if not, you could use crystal or http://fivestarglassandcaulking.com.au/glass-replacement.html vases and fill them with coloured water and pebbles as simple décor.
  • Art
    Paintings and sculptures are some of the most expensive accessories. If you are a fine-art collector, you should of course go for this. You could use different types of pieces for different rooms. A modern approach would be a metallic sculpture or bold coloured painting. Porcelain sculptures would suit a more traditional interior. The best thing about fine art is that each piece is unique, and hence its value increases too. However, you need to have a creative eye to be able to mix and match the colours effectively.
  • Rugs
    A rug not only add colour to the room, but also gives comfort to your feet that cannot be matched by any other floor covering. You could easily but cheap rugs at thrift stores according to your wish. Rugs have been used for centuries and have been passed down from generation to generation. If you’d like to buy a unique piece, go for a handloomed rug since its beauty is worth the price. Also, it is a great way to cover rough patches and dirty caulking Melbourneglass-repairs on the flooring.
  • Mirrors
    Mirrors could do wonders to a room. it draws so much light and hence fills your room with life. A mirror placed in front of a window in a dark room could lighten it up in seconds. Also, they make your rooms look spacious than they actually are.