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Communicating Business Matters

Psychologists, theorists and specialists in the field of human resource management and business development, have identified that communication is of the utmost importance in any organization. Communication consists of a message, sent by the initiator of the conversation to the recipient. Effective communication is where the recipient gives feedback, and this cycle will help in identifying and rectifying any problems, while at the same time, making sure that instructions and information is clear, which eliminates mistakes and errors. In an organization, communication exists in many forms, and one of the most important types of communication is the communication between the superior and the subordinate. This is often to convey a message or to give instructions to get something done, and feedback is helpful because it helps to assess whether the decisions taken were good decisions and whether the task carried out was a success or a failure.

In some organizations, superiors are very bad at communicating with their subordinates, and may sometimes block the channel for feedback, resulting in misunderstandings and conflict. For communication to run smoothly and without outside interruption, the sender and receiver must have a good and understanding rapport, which will allow for messages to be thoroughly conveyed. Superiors should know which channel of communication to use and when, which is to say, the most appropriate medium given the circumstances. This helps highlight the importance of the message, especially if it is in written form, and thus, a copy is also available as proof if any disputes take place.staff christmas party

Superiors have the upper management and the board of directors to answer to, and this often involves the sharing of information at Annual General Meetings, which are often held at a corporate conference venue, rather than at the location of the business itself, not unlike the ever popular end of the year staff Christmas party. The board must be well informed of the major decisions taken and should also be aware of the performance of the company, as they will thereby make huge strategic decisions based on this, which are passed down to managers, and then on to the staff. The management can then inform the staff of any decisions taken through means of a meeting, involving all the staff of all the departments. This meeting is either held within the premises of the business or at an outside conference venue. Employees are educated on the coming changes and are asked for their feedback and recommended course of action.There should always be a flow of communication down the levels of management, in order to avoid confusion and to ensure that all facts are clear.

How Will You Listen To Local Air Traffic Control?

What is meant by air traffic control? Air traffic control is when a certain information center provides necessary information about flights to all pilots around airports and anywhere there could be planes. There are specially designed radio frequencies made just for the air traffic control centers to communicate with pilots all over. This communication that occurs between the control center and the pilots is what keeps all the airport operations running properly with no risk of any issues or accidents. Pilots are specially trained to have a good ear to learn how to communicate with the air control so that they can make sure they get the message very clearly and do as asked to avoid complicated issues from arising. While pilots are usually the ones to pay attention to the air traffic control, sometimes training pilots and also retired ones might enjoy listening to this communication between the two. In such cases, this is how you can go ahead and do the same!

Find a frequency

While pilots automatically get the correct frequencies tuned in to their helicopter headset most of the time, others are not so lucky. So if you are to find or listen to the air traffic control you will have to find a live frequency. You will need a radio scanner to do this and if you are able to, you can also do this at certain websites as well. You can get an aeronautical chart to help you out with this as well!

Pilot lingo

Usually, when a pilot is all set with their suitable aviation headset and other necessary stuff, they will receive messages that will be prefixed with the pilot number. Once this message is received and the flight is recognized, then the rest of the message will follow through. The pilot will have to read the instructions back to the controller again to let the controller know the pilot understood and went through with the said instructions. All of this is knowledge that you should know if you are to understand what the communication is going to be like.

Phonetic alphabet

Usually if an airport is uncontrolled, the messages received and said is going to be much less formal than in a controlled airport. This means you, as an outsider will be able to understand it better. Sometimes, the phonetic alphabet is sued to communicate between the two as well as it. For example, the messages might say “niner” to mean nine or “tree” to mean three. This is because it reduces the chance of messages being confused.