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How To Plan Your Engagement Party?

Being engaged is a magical feeling. And you probably want to tell the whole world that you’re engaged now. What better way to shout it out to the world than throw a party? Whether you want a huge party or just an intimate gathering with your loved ones, a party is much better because then people can actually congratulate you on person. It would also be a great chance for your and your partner’s families and friends to get to know each other much better. However, throwing a party is not an easy feat. There are plenty of things to plan about.

Who, When and Where

First of all, figure out who is going to host the party. Back then it was the bride’s parents that stepped up and organized the party, but nowadays you can take the reins on your engagement party and plan it yourself. If you’re hosting, then you’re the one who are going to be responsible for the bill too. You should consider when you want it to happen. Just a couple of months after the proposal is just the right time, but choose a convenient time for you that will not meddle with your wedding preparations. The next step is to decide on an engagement venue. Where you will be hosting the party is very important and you need to decide on a place soon because if you’re planning to hold the party on a special venue, then you need to book it as early as possible. Consider your budget and don’t overspend because you need money saved for a wedding too.

The Invitations

You have to figure out who you want at the party. If you are going to host the party, then there is a rule to remember. The guest list for the engagement party is the same as the wedding guest list. Another thing to consider when deciding on a guest list if you want a large party is that whether your chosen venue would be able to hold that many people. Say, you decided on a elegant Waterfront restaurant to hold the party, then you have to call them and ask how many people can usually fit into the place and then decide on how many people you are going to invite. The next thing to do is to plan the invitations. If you want it to do it by email or post it, decide on an invitation that matches the theme of your engagement party. And then send them out at least before a month of the day of the party.

Decorations and Food

Deciding on a menu is important. If there are vegans in your guest list, consider them too. The food should match the theme of the party, just like the decorations. Keeping it simple can never go wrong but if you want an extravagant party, then the décor should be sophisticated. Then, gather some of your friends and your family members and assign them some duties. Decide on what you’re going to wear. It does not have to be very fancy and it should be comfortable. The last step would be to enjoy your engagement party.